Katy Texas Standby Generators | Whole house generators for Katy Texas

Katy Texas Standby Generators | Whole house generators for Katy Texas

Live in Katy Texas and need a whole house standby generator?  Power Now LLC  has the right standby generator solution for you!

Whole house backup generator systems give peace of mind. Katy Texas is located right next to Houston! This is an area that is frequented by storms, high winds, tropical depressions, lots of rain and hurricanes. A lot of people feel that a standby generator is only needed during the hurricane. This is just not the case, especially in Katy and all around Houston.

One instance where whole house backup generator systems are very important is in a windstorm, such as a tornado or just heavy gust of wind. In Katy Texas, the topography is fairly flat so the wind is not impeded and can be quite strong at times! Winds can push down large trees on the power lines, disrupting power service to large areas of subdivisions and homes. Sometimes even a motor vehicle accident can strike a electric pole, causing a power outage for you and your neighbors in Katy.

Power now LLC can come to your home in Katy Texas and give you a personal evaluation on the type of generator system best for you!

Another example where high winds are factor is a tornado. We don't have a lot of them here in Katy, but when we get them they are devastating and power can be down for quite some time! It just gives you a comfortable feeling inside knowing that whatever the weather brings you have your own backup power generator that will supply your whole house with electricity.

And then we're all familiar with a large hurricanes such as Ike, Rita, and Harvey or even Tropical Depressions, with Imelda as a recent example. These hurricanes and tropical storms did extensive damage to the Katy area and Houston in general. Some people were without electricity for two weeks or more! I'm sure those people were wishing they had their own whole house backup generator system.

While Katy Texas is not on the beach of the Gulf Coast, these large storms are a constant risk to all of southeast Texas! So call power now LLC today, and they will come out to Katy and give you a personal evaluation on what kind of power generator system for your whole house generator backup that you really need. Trust us...when the need arises, you will be very glad you made this decision!

About Katy Texas

Katy Texas Standby Generators | Whole house generators for Katy Texas

Katy is a city a few miles west of Houston, in Texas. The Katy Heritage Society Railroad Museum has an attraction with train-related exhibits in a restored depot, with an old caboose outside. As Katy started out as a farming community, the Katy Heritage Museum features vintage farming equipment and antiques. There are many modern innovations in Katy also such as many large subdivisions in the area and the huge Katy Mills Mall! You'll be shopping all day!

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Standby Generators have been very important on the Texas Gulf Coast as we endure many storms with some being catastrophic to our area. Power Now LLC has been supplying standby whole house / business backup generators that are top brands and quality backup generators by Briggs and Stratton , Generac, Cummins and Kohler. The addition to your home or business of a standby backup generator system to your home or business, can keep your business going, even in difficult times, saving you downtime and keep your enterprise going and conducting commerce. Standby backup generator systems are an addition that in the long run will make you money. We serve the Greater Houston Metroplex including Cypress Texas, Spring, Texas, Houston Texas, The Woodlands Texas, Conroe Texas, Bellaire Texas, Kingwood Texas, Pasadena Texas, Alvin Texas and surrounding areas.