Hockley Standby Generators | Whole House Generators in Hockley Texas

Hockley Standby Generators | Whole house generators in Hockley Texas

Why Choose POWER NOW LLC for your standby generator needs in Hockley Texas?

Family means everthing and their comfort and protection is paramount.  We sell different brands of whole house standby generators, of variors sizes and power levels.  Confused with all the selections... we can help!  Power Now LLC will provide you with advice on which generator is right for you and then provide a turnkey operation so the next strorm like Ike, Rita, Harvey and even recently TS Imelda will just be a storm and not a powerless castastrophic event.  Protect your family today by calling Power Now LLC for a whole house generator quote today!

About Hockley Texas

Hockley Standby Generators | Whole house generators in Hockley Texas

Hockley Texas, like most communities that surround Houston are a mix of rural and residential areas.  There are also a growing number of industrial manufacturing complexes in the Hockley area.  There are also some really cool historical buildings like this historical Humble (the forerunner of Exxon/Mobile) gas station.  This was the kind of gas station where the workers came out to your car, checked your oil and tires and made sure you were in good shape for the road. 

That level of service is a lot like Power Now LLC.  We offer service periods with our whole house generator systems where you don't have to think about anything and but carrying on with life!

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Standby Generators have been very important on the Texas Gulf Coast as we endure many storms with some being catastrophic to our area. Power Now LLC has been supplying standby whole house / business backup generators that are top brands and quality backup generators by Briggs and Stratton , Generac, Cummins and Kohler. The addition to your home or business of a standby backup generator system to your home or business, can keep your business going, even in difficult times, saving you downtime and keep your enterprise going and conducting commerce. Standby backup generator systems are an addition that in the long run will make you money. We serve the Greater Houston Metroplex including Cypress Texas, Spring, Texas, Houston Texas, The Woodlands Texas, Conroe Texas, Bellaire Texas, Kingwood Texas, Pasadena Texas, Alvin Texas and surrounding areas.